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Did you know ...
you can arrange a Memorial Service for your loved one even when choosing cremation?  Here at Rader Funeral Home we provide a wide range of memorial service options to those families choosing cremation. We offer everything from traditional casket services before cremation to memorial services after cremation with or without the urn present. Our caring staff will help guide you through memorial service planning to fulfill your family’s personal wishes. From our State of the art Audio and Video equipment to our trained staff, our funeral home’s chapel is the perfect choice for a service of true remembrance for your loved one.

Did you know ...
families find it very meaningful to have some personal time with their loved one before cremation takes place?  At Rader Funeral Home your loved one is bathed and dressed before cremation allowing next of kin the opportunity to fulfill the natural reaction of wanting to see their loved one again. Grief psychologists suggest that viewing the body is a valuable part of the grieving process with long term benefits. Rader Funeral Home has a selection of beautiful staterooms to hold visitations for family, friends or the entire community if a more traditional viewing is chosen. Our staff can share with you various options regarding the value of a viewing and how we can accommodate all your personal needs.

Did you know ...
that burial is a very common option for cremated remains?  Many people find that a place to go to is meaningful and provides a place for future generations to visit. This option allows for permanent memorialization in a cemetery either in a plot, cremation garden, mausoleum or columbarium. All options come with a personalized monument or marker to commemorate your loved one. Placing cremated remains in a cemetery also provides proper long term care and a permanent location with complete documentation giving future generations a way to access important family history.

Did you know ...
some funeral homes outsource their cremation to third-party companies? Rader Funeral Home’s crematory is owned and operated by a member of the Rader family. Your loved one is always in the care of a member of the Rader staff from start to finish, making sure that they are taken care of properly and respectfully. We treat your family like we would treat our family.

Did you know ...
Rader Funeral Home is different? Let us show you how. Contact us at 903-984-2525, chat online or email us at info@raderfuneralhome.com.

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